Post-Doctoral Research Grants

Moroccan professors and/or researchers with a doctorate degree or equivalent may apply for post-doctoral grants to carry out research for two- to three-month periods at appropriate universities or other institutions in the UnitedStates.

Grants are awarded on the basis of academic and professional achievement and upon the soundness and relevance of the research proposal. It is essential that research proposals from professors and researchers in the medical fields be clearly focused on research and not technical training. The minimum length of the grant is two months; and no grants are awarded for merely attending a conference.

Deadline for submission of completed application forms is mid-November for grants beginning in the summer of the following year.

To apply to the Post-Doc grant please go to:

These grants are also known as Visiting Scholar grants, check CIES’s web site for more information. Candidates are expected to provide evidence of their sufficient knowledge of English (US Anglophone university degree, TOEFL or ALIGU score) regardless of their field of research.