Fulbright Study Grant

Other grants

Distinguished Lectureships:

MACECE considers proposals from American senior scholars and professionals for short lecturing visits to one or more Moroccan universities or institutes. The purpose of this grant, which varies between two weeks and two months, is to encourage the participation of eminent scholars who may not be able to absent themselves from their posts for longer periods.

This category of grant provides the Commission with a measure of flexibility to respond to special requests or needs. It is essential for there to be strong institutional support and coordination on the part of the Moroccan host institution for applications to be given serious attention. Please refer to the Council for International Exchange of Scholars CIES and the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, U.S. Department of State.

Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Grants (DDRAP):

A program of the US Department of Education for graduate students wishing to conduct dissertation research in Morocco.

IIE-funded Grants (IIE):

Though these grants are not funded by the Commission, those awarded them are often chosen from among alternate and runner-up candidates for the standard Fulbright student awards and share the same basic prerogatives as other Fulbright grantees.

American Institute of Maghrebi Studies (AIMS) Grants:

MACECE provides logistical and practical assistance to certain AIMS research grantees.

Social Science Research Council’s (SSRC) International Pre-dissertation Fellowship Program (IPFP):

MACECE provides fee-based logistical and practical assistance to some SSRC grantees.

Middle East and North Africa Regional Grant:

For Senior Scholars whose research requires them to spend time in two or more countries in the region. These grants are funded directly by USIA with the Commission providing logistical support and-assistance.